Friday, November 6, 2009

Gary Null Testifies in NY Regarding Vaccine Safety

Be sure to head over to YouTube for the other segments of the testimony.


PaintCrazy said...

Gulp. I'm not sure I want to thank you or not Penny because I'm pretty darn sick to my stomach after watching that. Wow. That just made up my mind for sure on getting the H1N1 for any of us and probably anything else ever for the rest of our lives. I'm also sick that I allowed my kids to get immunized when they were little - what's worse, my son may have gotten many of them twice. Because he was adopted from Latvia and didn't come home with the greatest of medical records, the peds here wanted to redo them all. Luckily my daughter's records were better and she didn't get a double dose...

Is booze worse than immunizations? 'Cause I think I need a stiff one right now to stop my hands from shaking....

Penny said...

How are we as parents supposed to make an educated decision about vaccinations when the information Gary Null presents is not easy to find? And when you ask your doctor about it, the doctor blindly assures you that vaccinations are safety tested and thoroughly. And that the science shows there's no association between autism and vaccines?

Dr Nancy Snyderman called parents who refuse vaccines "crazy" and "poorly informed" on TV the other day. SHE hasn't even read the studies like Dr Null has.

The risks of being harmed by a vaccine are there, but mainstream medicine won't admit them and when children are harmed, the "system" and society won't help us undo the damage.


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