Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmastime - signs of progress

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my homeschooled princess made a calendar (perhaps I should call it a "chart") so that she could count the days until Christmas. She made it by herself, and apparently without looking at an actual calendar, because she included 31 days in November on her chart.

She knew exactly how many days until Christmas. When I noticed the 31 for the month of November, I told her that November has 30 days, and she immediately subtracted a day. She's doing math in her head. Who knew? I asked her on such and such a day, how many days until Christmas? And she was able to tell me without blinking. My girl who is academic pre-schooler has some amazing splinter skills in math -- we've got some support foundations to keep working on -- and I am so tickled to see her creative problem solving, too! Closing developmental gaps takes time, and it works!

Every morning, first thing, she gets up and crosses off another day and tells me how many days are left until Christmas.

A couple of days ago, she began asking to open a gift. And asking. And begging. And pleading. That's something new -- another sign of progress -- excited anticipation every time she sees the gifts under the tree.

Today, my prince,(her brother) is sick and home from school. (She appears to be getting the same head and chest cold that he has.) HE is upset because he is missing his class party. She suggested she dress up as him in disguise and go to his party at school. Too funny!

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