Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parking Aid or Visual Support?

Years ago, when my children were younger, I wanted a stop sign that I could move from place to place to help create a visual boundary (particularly for my child w/ asd), but I never found one.

Having two of them to mark the turnaround spots for the kids while biking on the sidewalk in front of our house would have been a big help.

I was browsing a Kohl's ad this morning and this parking aid caught my attention. It might be a great visual support for a child on the autism spectrum. No, I don't own one, so I can't tell you anything about it other than the details from Kohl's web site. Obviously, purchase at your own risk. It's an inexpensive tool that might be helpful to someone, that's why I posted.

Emerson® Parking Signal
original $12.99
sale $8.99

Park with perfection. This Emerson parking signal is a must-have.

Flashing LEDs signal when the bumper of your car has touched the pole.

Adjustable design lets you customize the height for any sized vehicle.

Weighted base keeps it in position.

Includes: 4 sections & weighted base
Uses 2 button-cell batteries (included)
Some assembly required
Model no. 1624055


Ann B. said...

I almost bought this for myself the other day, Penny... I've "bumped" the garage wall several times! :)

Penny said...

We have a reference point on the side garage wall that we use to get the car into the garage in the right spot, or I'd have probably bumped it, too!

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