Thursday, December 17, 2009

Living Books Curriculum dot com

an FYI

I came to know Living Books Curriculum (dot com) at a book fair for homeschooling families. I was learning about Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education (am still learning about it) and was getting a better grasp on "developmentally appropriate" in terms of a child with developmental delays.

I purchased Sandi Queen's "Language Lessons for the Very Young" from this vendor at that book fair. It's what I call, "RDI-able, and it offers picture studies, copywork, poetry, and other experience in language arts, including perspective taking.

And I signed up for Sheila Carroll's e-newsletter at that book fair. I never know what I'm getting into with an e-newsletter subscription. Some companies send too many e-mails and I wind up deleting them without reading them. I like this vendor and this newsletter. The company does not bombard me with e-mail messages. They do send notices of sales and discounts. I like that. And sometimes, Sheila Carroll sends me a freebie. If you're not on Sheila Carroll's mailing list, you might want to sign up for it. I just opened a *beautiful* 22-page Christmas Holiday Helper e-book in pdf format. It contains picture studies, copywork and stories.

PS: Crewmate Hillary gave me a tip. The Holiday Helper is a freebie HERE right now.

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