Monday, April 19, 2010

Collaboration, Self-Awareness, and My Role

Today, I am *keenly* aware of my role in my daughter's inexperience with collaboration from nothing into something. (See previous post for background.)

I am a walking compensation for her.

This change in the way I do things may be one of the most challenging I have had to make in the remediation journey. (I wonder if deep down inside, I thought she wasn't capable of making this shift? Is that why I compensated? That makes me feel ashamed. Or was I simply unaware?)

I will use much strength to practice slowing down, pausing, waiting, pace setting, staying self-regulated when my girl is uncomfortable and showing it.

Self-awareness is amazing in many ways. What is it Dr Phil says? You cannot change that which your are unaware ... something like that.

I'm aware. Now I've got to make the change in my role and responsibility and put the brakes on my compensation.

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