Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Go Or Not To Go, That Is The Question

My son's team plays the second game of the spring season tonight. After the event on the playground, Monday night, I am hesitant to try to go watch my son play.

To go to the game, or not to go to the game, that is the question.


PaintCrazy said...

Go. Your son NEEDS you there. The odds of those teens being there again are slim. Prep your daughter for the what if's as much as you can and go.

Heck, if we avoided all the possible problem situations in life we'd all be hermits!

Penny said...

As I connect some dots in reflection on Monday night, having replayed the whole thing in my mind about 5,000 times, I suspect that one of the teen girls was supposed to be babysitting the little girl whom she stopped from going down the fireman pole. That was the only interaction I saw between the teen and that little girl, but as we were leaving, the mother dragged that same little girl away, lifting her off the ground by her wrist, for throwing mulch at the play scape.

I suspect they'll all be there again, because they're there for the same reason that I am - to watch someone play ball, and that mom wants her little one to be entertained so she can watch the game, just like I do - 'cept neither one of us counted on the teen to create a problem instead of watching the little sister like she was supposed to.

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