Monday, April 12, 2010

Morning At The Farm

The homeschool princess is in a mode of intense perseveration. She wants a particular Wii game and she can think and talk of almost nothing else. I've not seen anything like it outside of autism. Her constant chatter, begging, whining, screaming, screeching about that game is exhausting for Mom, Dad, and the sibs.

I managed to get her mind on something else when I suggested a trip to the farm. And we got a bonus, there: Two precious little girls and their mom, who lingered over the Kid Cottage with us.

The older of the little girls invited my daughter to play - just what my girl needed, and they played and played and played! My daughter did not quite "get" the pretend play where she was to be the "mom" and the older girl would be the "daughter". We'll work on that.

I'm proud of me. I sat back and stayed out of the play, for the most part, allowing my girl the opportunity to experience when meaning works well, when it breaks down, and repair. The mom graciously allowed me to take a couple of pictures to post here:

Here are a few moments from the other part of our visit:

1 comment:

The Glasers said...

You did a FABULOUS job of what Charlotte Mason calls "changing your thoughts." What a sweet picture of your princess being the mother hen at the farm . . .

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