Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turd Maker Alert

My seat belt began to shred in two places last week. The dealership refused to order a new one until I took the car to them for a look-see. So I took the car to them. Took a couple of days to get a new belt - and almost $200.

The new belt began to shred, just like the old one, in exactly the same two places.

We've determined that there is a MOUSE in my vehicle, eating the plastic guide that the belt flows INto, and chewing on the belt itself.
I spent all afternoon cleaning the vehicle. I'm PooPed.

We have mouse traps ready to go.

That little turd-maker is going down.

1 comment:

PaintCrazy said...

Ewwww! But what a mousey fantasy land with all the crumbs and fuzzy places to hide!

We've had mice in the house several times. Bats too. I prefer the mice over the bats even though the mice are much sneakier and harder to get rid of.

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