Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Thanks

From the production manager of a business trying to promote it's subscription service for parents:

I just came across your blog, and I wondered if you would like to post something about a short video series our company just produced for Autism Awareness Month as a part of our Weekly Tips Series.

He left this comment on a post that has nothing to do with autism (because I have no contact info on my blog).

And he obviously spent no time on my blog.

What's interesting is the first video shows the differences between a typically developing child and a child with autism, spotlighting (but not properly identifying) non-verbal referencing and joint attention. The last video shows the child with autism, several months into ABA therapy, demonstrating "progress", except the child is still not referencing or displaying joint attention. He's *compliant* and has memorized some commands - something very different from referencing for meaning and early prototypes of joint attention.

They want me to post a link to these videos of all the things we did wrong in our beginning, all the things we have had to work so hard to undo and redo. And they hope to get busine$$ that way.

No thanks.

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