Friday, May 14, 2010

A Definitions Journal

An online homeschool conference ended today. The Schoolhouse Expo featured three days of presentations covering all sorts of topics that have to do with home education.

I was not able to attend many of the sessions as they happened live.

I did get to hear part of Kim Kautzer's session. I was looking forward to hearing her. I had high expectations, because of my prior experience with her. She's part of Write Shop, and
I reviewed some of their Story Builders last year (*awesome*!) and participated briefly in a beta test of a product. And I won another Write Shop writing product from a blog contest. Write Shop's materials, resources, products are *excellent*. The Write Shop blog is a wealth of help and information. After today's presentation, Kim posted some of ideas there.

During her "Building Your Child's Writing Vocabulary" presentation today, Mrs. Kautzer offered so many great ideas that I could not keep up with them all. When the MP3 versions become available, I'll listen to that one again. And again. And maybe again. (The MP3 sessions from all three days are available for purchase as Expo To Go for $19.99 here.)

Kautzer made quite a few suggestions about different kinds of lists and journals.

I'm not sure why I didn't think of a "Definitions Journal" when my daughter began asking us to define things for her as I began Madsen Method with her.

I had a light bulb moment today.

I think we'll start a "Definitions Journal", now.

I did not intend for this blog entry to be an infomercial about Write Shop. They didn't ask me to blog about them. I don't get anything if you purchase from them because I blogged about them. I just wanted you to know that they're a great resource for all students, even one who learns a bit differently, like mine. They sell their products in downloadable e-book form, which means those of you not in the United States don't have to pay huge shipping fees for the resources. I wish someone had told me about them earlier in the game.

Be sure to check
Write Shop's virtual vendor booth HERE for discounts on their products.

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