Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Birds and the Cycle of Life

As we began our walk this morning, my daughter found an "egg" while she was waiting for me to grab a jacket. When I joined her outside, she showed me the egg shell, which gave us an opportunity to talk about birth.

I am excited that she had the desire, joint attention, and words to show and tell me about it. What a fun, fun moment for the two of us! :)

As we returned toward home from our walk, she saw a little baby bird on the sidewalk, no longer alive. She made sure I saw it, too. (I would not have seen it had she not shown it to me.) Another baby was in the yard, nearby. A tree limb had fallen during a recent storm, and the babies must have been flung from the tree. How sad. My girl was very concerned that the babies be picked up and buried. The neighbor who lived nearby told my girl she would do that. And my girl told her she'd need gloves or something. ;)

I rejoice in being able to have my girl share those moments with me, to want to share those moments with me. I waited a long time for that. ;)

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walking said...

Moments like that are what I love most about homeschooling and RDI!

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