Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Mother's Day Wish

I want to tell you about a Mother's Day gift I received a couple of years ago.

It came in the form of a card, from a neighbor in my subdivision. This woman is a member of a church where I've attended two workshops for including people with disabilities in worship settings--she always helps with the breakfast and lunch set up and clean up for those of us who attend the workshops.

She made a donation to the NetWorkers Malaria Prevention Program in Africa in my honor for Mother's Day, and she wrote a little note that said she wanted to "express appreciation for all that you do as a mother of special children," (I'm about to cry again just typing it), "one of whom is uniquely challenged. May you be blessed in all that you are and do!"

Her gesture has touched me very deeply and I am so humbled.

Happy Mother's Day!

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