Saturday, May 15, 2010

To My Readers

First of all, THANK YOU for sharing my journey with me!

I recently began checking the stats of my blog. Stats give me a little bit of information about folks who cross my blog. I can tell the name of the internet provider you use and sometimes I can tell the location of that provider. I can tell how unique visitors found my blog. (The most popular search that brings people here is my post on how my neighbor helped me make a weighted vest from a denim jacket.) I know that I have readers from all over the world. And folks from some public school servers around the United States peek in sometimes. Only rarely do I get comments from readers.

I ask a favor of you. If you have insight or a hint or direction that you think might help me as I continue to figure out the pieces to my daughter's remediation, recovery, and education, please drop me a comment. I adore short cuts in my research. I'd love to hear from your experience, maybe even host a guest blogger or three. ;)


Anonymous said...

Since you asked for suggestion, I want to suggest you to consider "Houston center of homeopathy" to cure autism. All the best.

Penny said...

Thanks for that suggestion! I met Cindy and Lindall (sp?) at Autism One several years ago, and spent quite a bit of time at their vendor booth. The cost was a factor - and you're right - I need to look at that again. Thanks for the reminder.

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