Monday, April 6, 2009

GFCFSF Pumpkin Bread

I have been EXPERIMENTING w/ a GF pancake and waffle mix.

Saturday, I made banana bread using Trader Joe's gf pancake and waffle mix as the flour blend-- quite an experiment--and it was FABulous. I took it to our small group dinner, Saturday night. Sometimes, GF stuff is distinctly different in texture. But this was NOT. We were all amazed by how good it was!

Today, I decided to use the remainder of the gf pancake and waffle mix, but I am out of bananas, soooooooooooooo I used my great aunt's banana bread recipe, and used pumpkin instead of mashed bananas. To replace the recipe's two cups of wheat flour, I used pancake and waffle mix. Trader Joe's gluten free pancake and waffle mix is 18 oz (1 lb 2 oz), costs $2.99, and the ingredients read SWEET BROWN RICE FLOUR, TAPIOCA FLOUR, ARROWROOT FLOUR, RICE MILK POWDER, CREAM OF TARTAR, XANTHAN GUM, BAKING SODA, SEA SALT, VANILLA BEAN.

Thumbs up! It is not as sweet as the banana bread, but it is tasty!

Tuesday update: Four thumbs up and one thumbs down at my house. The kidlet who is *on* the gfcfsf diet gave it a thumbs up. We're calling it a cake-bread, because it is like a cross between a cake and a bread.

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