Monday, January 10, 2011

Falling Off The Bone

Author Jean Anderson, via Wiley, brings us a beautiful cookbook for all things meat: Falling Off The Bone.

I'm the one who finds a new recipe to try only to have it flop because the meat is tough and the kids won't eat it. Falling Off The Bone ($29.99) promises to teach me how to turn out tender, delicious meats every time.

The pictures in this sturdy hardback cookbook are gorgeous. I can't decide what to try first. I page through the book looking at recipe titles, ingredients, and photos, and think, "I want to try that one and that one and that one and that one..." There are a few recipes from the cookbook here.

Falling Off The Bone covers (in chapters) beef, veal, lamb, and pork. I find one recipe (puchero, page 70) in the beef section that uses poultry (chicken drumsticks are an ingredient).

Author Stevenson gives us recipes for soups, stews, one-dish meals, and entrees. Recipes range from traditional U.S. comfort foods to dishes from different cultures from around the world. Anderson shares favorite family recipes with readers, too.

The most important parts of the book for me are the "how-to" and "why bother". Anderson gives the reader instruction and education about different pieces of meat, about how to tenderize, about kitchen tools, gadgets and pots & pans, about ingredients to enhance flavors, about short cuts, about anything you need to know when cooking beef, veal, lamb, and pork.

Allergen-free cooks: This is not an allergen free or even gluten free cookbook. If you're comfortable making substitutions, you'll be able to use this cookbook with ease.

With the wake-up temp at 8 degrees above zero this morning, a soup or stew would be good; another choice would be a recipe to use the chuck roast that I have in the freezer. Decisions, decisions. Armstrong has recipes for them all.

Wiley sent me a copy of Falling Off The Bone for review purposes. I am not paid for reviews and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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