Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaving Denial; Entering Memory Lane

We are moving. Not across town. Across the country.

I've known moving was a possibility since last fall; I've known it is real since early October. But it hasn't felt real. We've been waiting for official announcements and such, and while we were waiting, I stayed in a place of emotional denial that the move is actually happening.

Finally, the pieces are falling into place. The move is real. Here we go. Decluttering. Organizing.

Going through the stuff we have collected is exhausting, more emotionally, than physically. Trying to decide what to keep, what not, is a bigger job than I expected.

Clothes I wore when I was pregnant (I gave most of them away), baby items, hundreds of photos taken over the years, keepsakes from school that include artwork and handwriting samples, clothing I'm too fat to wear but hope to get into again (after the diet that I can't seem to start or stay on) - going through it all wears me out. Confronting the ghosts of the past when I expected to have completely recovered a child from autism by now is a chore I didn't expect or want.

Moving means leaving Denial and entering Memory Lane. What a trip.

1 comment:

walking said...

Moving is tough! I usually put my emotions on hold until the job is done . . . One could look at it as purging your life of excess baggage! :-)

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