Saturday, January 29, 2011

Perspectives and Perspective Taking

Staying present and in-the-moment is a bit of a challenge for me right now. I'm in my own little world and that world is a place of unknown at the moment. We're moving. I have a gazillion things to think about, to find out, to do. My to-do list seems to exponentially multiply every few days.

I try to balance what I need to do today with this ever-growing to-do list for the move, and I find myself absorbed with researching the things I need to know, want to know, as we choose a suburb, a neighborhood at our destination location. Are there homeschool supports there? Autism supports? Ice skating? Baseball? Access to GFCFSF food shopping? For my school-building schoolers, I have another list. I feel super-focused on the there, and focusing on here is requires a bit of effort.

When Li'l Bit regressed into autism, seemed to shut everything out in order to super-focus on certain items. I always thought she shut out the rest of us, the rest of her world, but now, I have a different perspective. Maybe she had such a focus on her favorite items, she had no way to balance the rest of us, the rest of her world, with those items?

As I overfocus on research for this move for there, I feel more disconnected here. Finding the place for both is more work and takes intention and effort. Is this how the overfocus in autism feels? I wonder if I'm getting a glimpse into my girl's world. And will this experience help me help her? (I hope so!)

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