Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pardon Me Sir, Did You See What Happened?

The media hype and buzz generated by allegations of fraud in this paper of 12 case studies by, of all people, a journalist are creating a smoke screen for the real issue. There are hundreds of thousands of families reporting this same story. Child was healthy and interactive. Child was vaccinated. Child became very medically sick and regressed, developmentally.

Reminds me of that line from the Ray Stevens song, "The Streak": "Pardon Me Sir, Did You See What Happened?" Thousands and thousands of families saw what happened. In all of this media hype that is missing the point, I see no reporters and news outlets asking the families this important question. I see no medical research dollars being poured into answering the question, "What happened? What made thise healthy children so medically ill? Why did their development deteriorate at the same time? Is bowel disease related to regression? Is either related to a vaccine?" Biopsies show a live measles virus (the measles from the vaccine, not a wild measles virus) in the bowels of these children. Does that play a role in what happened to the children?

Media stories ask if the allegations of fraud are enough to convince parents that vaccines are safe. What a stupid question.

Fact is, those families, those children are still here. Parents all over the world report that a healthy, interactive child developed severe, sudden onset bowel disease (constant, explosive, messy burning diarrhea, chunks of undigested food, etc) and simultenously withdrew, regressed, lost developmental milestones, after a vaccination.

Let's begin to listen to the children and their families.


Unknown said...

I think you have some valid points. A lot of families are saying that their child regressed after having a vaccine. But the point here is that this particular study was debunked because he wasn't playing fairly when doing the research. It doesn't mean that there is no link between autism and vaccines, but it does mean that this study wasn't the one to prove that a link was there.

Penny said...

Jennifer, you are misinformed. Dr Wakefield DID play fairly with the research. Look at the evidence. I'm reading "Callous Disregard" right now - it's carefully documented information that was date stamped, memos, letters signed by people involved - there was no fraud on the part of Wakefield. Why Brian Deer is being allowed to distort information is mind boggling to me.

I agree with you that the link between atism and vaccines has not yet been disproven (or proven).


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

well said. and to Jennifer.. ditto what Penny said and also the media did much harm even if you were right. and you are not. but if you were they misrepresented at best, and at worst..lied.

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