Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Defending Mariah Carey

Every type of media - from bloggers to network and cable news - is making fun of Mariah Carey at the moment. There are clips of Carey on a tv shopping channel where, instead of focusing fully on selling her wares, she talked quite a bit about her recent twin pregnancy.

One statement that is being mocked quite a bit is this one:

"I was literally 47 weeks pregnant."

Come on, bloggers and reporters - 'fess up. You aren't able to perspective take on this one, at all. You have no theory of mind here.

Allow me to translate, to give you some much needed insight.

When a woman is pregnant, the obstetrician pulls out a high tech (*wink*) gadget at every visit. The gadget is called a tape measure and it looks pretty much like the one my grandmother used when she was sewing when I was a girl. The doctor measures the woman's belly with that tape measure. The doctor measures the mother's growing uterus, specifically, fundal height, which is an indicator of the growth of the baby.

When I was pregnant with my twins, my uterus was measuring full-term (40 weeks) when I was just 29 weeks pregnant. And I was pregnant for eight more weeks. I was probably measuring, literally, 47 or 48 weeks pregnant, too.

So, when Mimi insists she was "literally 47 weeks pregnant", I think she is telling the absolute truth, and my interpretation of her statement is that her belly was measuring 47-weeks pregnant at the biggest-belly part of her pregnancy.

Stop making fun of her. Twins are an amazing accomplishment, especially when your uterus stretches to 47-weeks.

Nick and Mariah, I hope you're getting some sleep!

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poohder said...

As a mom of Twins...HERE HERE

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