Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art Class

Here's a Susan-less moment from the weekend (yes, there were some):

Because our new state and our new hometown have much less to offer the tween and teenage crowd on the autism spectrum, I am looking for thinking-outside-the-box opportunities for my girl.

One opportunity is an art class. I have exchanged several emails with the owner of an art studio for children. He has not had a student with autism before. He's willing to give us a try.

Saturday, 'Rella and I headed to the art studio to attend an open house. I wanted to get a feel for the people there. Does it even have the potential to be a good fit for our situation? We needed to check it out.

We were greeted at the door by one of the teachers. She talked TO 'RELLA, not to me, and gave her as much processing time as she needed to answer questions. The teacher did not assume that 'Rella didn't hear her. (Remember this incident a few years ago?)

Next, we met the owner. He interacted with 'Rella in the same slow, gentle way.

And he introduced us to a third teacher, the one who will teach the homeschool class that 'Rella would attend. And yes, she interacted with my daughter in that same slow, gentle way.

If I didn't know better, I'd think our developmental/autism remediation consultant had trained them all.

They're willing to let her try the class. I'll sit in the art studio library and be nearby during class.

While I registered and paid for the class, the third teacher we met sat with 'Rella at a table featuring a beautiful photograph of an animal. They sat side-by-side and drew together.

I hope and pray that this art class with a group of homeschoolers is a good fit.

Here is the drawing we brought home from the open house. Can you tell what kind of animal it is?

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Marcia said...

Fantastic news! (An elephant?)

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