Monday, August 22, 2011

Football - Ideas from friends

In addition to asking here on my blog, I asked friends for ideas on what 'Rella can do during football games and marching band competitions other than screech, "I hate football!".

And of course, my peeps came through, in a big way! :)

Here are some of the great ideas I was given:

What about 'videoing'. I am thinking of Valerie Foley and her son Billy. He creates footage and adds to youtube. Could Rella 'video' what is happening? I don't have to think of ideas for Nick as he can't attend functions.... and when we do take him, I give him the iPad!! :)

One thing that comes to mind are the friendship bracelets made out of embroidery thread. There are some pretty basic ways of knotting them, and I always fasten mine to my pants with a safety pin when I'm working on it so it doesn't fall (say, under the bleachers in your case).

Are there cheerleaders? Can you ask for their help?

Get a noisemaker and tell her to cheer and make noise when someone gets tackled or makes a touchdown.

what about an ipad or something - you could even get earbuds and let her watch movies/shows, play games, there are all sorts of apps like on an iphone. and Penny, lots of the younger kids that sit around us during the football games hunt for money in the stands (gross I know, but they love to find random pocket change which is everywhere), they eat nonstop, go on bathroom trips, hmmmmmm. Welcome to High school Friday nights!! :)

Our younger kids hand out cups of water/refills to the band

Snacks, lots of snacks.

yea videotaping?? we can barely make it thru a game- but pictures, videotaping are actually things he will do. and at a certain time we will go get something from the concession. but i don't know if we have made it through a quarter... also what about her DS...can she take that and just play for part of it? sometimes you do what ya gotta do

and yea on that ipad. When I want AJ to have a longer time I give him his DS. if short, I give him the ipod touch. great investment for us. short simple games vs 'level' games which get him in trouble time wise.

What about a small dry erase board and marker?

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