Saturday, August 20, 2011


Marching band season has begun. We want band events to be a family affair. Football games are ripe with challenges for a tween on the autism spectrum. The bleachers are hard and uncomfortable. The stands are crowded and people (strangers) are too close. The band next to us is too loud (and I forgot the ear plugs and have no idea where our noise canceling headphones are). The crowd is loud. We had a snack before we left for the away game, but not a meal. Following the game and football is not the easiest task in the world.

Add up all of the sensory overload and we have a recipe for upset and frustration that comes out as a loud, screechy, "I hate football!"

And autism, the one we know, doesn't sit and wait.

Even watching Big Sis in the band at halftime was a bit of a challenge.

Football games are not the place to bring a "to-do" bag filled with crafts and coloring books. The "to-do" bag works better at my son's baseball games, where we can spread out on a blanket on the grass.

I am on a mission to find more roles for my girl at football games. I bought a camera for her to use (she took a bunch of pictures of the opposing team's pep squad).

Today, we joined the sewing ladies to help make flags for the parents to wave during games. The sewing ladies are using leftover scraps from the color guard flags, and 'Rella and I joined them today to help. We painted. (I don't sew.)

She'll have a flag to wave.

I am still pondering roles for her at football games and band competitions and am not feeling very creative right now.

Send me some ideas. Please?!


Penny said...

I should crop the light out of that photo, huh?

Cristi said...

I have fond memories of marching band and High School football games, but I can imagine how stressful it would be.

I wonder if you could find something small that she could do while she waits. One thing that comes to mind are the friendship bracelets made out of embroidery thread. There are some pretty basic ways of knotting them, and I always fasten mine to my pants with a safety pin when I'm working on it so it doesn't fall (say, under the bleachers in your case).

Bright Side of Life said...

What about 'videoing'. I am thinking of Valerie Foley and her son Billy. He creates footage and adds to youtube.
Could Rella 'video' what is happening?
I don't have to think of ideas for Nick as he can't attend functions.... and when we do take him, I give him the iPad!! :)

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

yea videotaping?? we can barely make it thru a game- but pictures, videotaping are actually things he will do. and at a certain time we will go get something from the concession. but i don't know if we have made it through a quarter... also what about her DS...can she take that and just play for part of it? sometimes you do what ya gotta do

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

and yea on that ipad. When I want AJ to have a longer time I give him his DS. if short, I give him the ipod touch. great investment for us. short simple games vs 'level' games which get him in trouble time wise.

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