Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amazing All-in-One Resource Disguised As a Planner aka A Planner Made for Me

I am a planner-person-wanna-be. I want to be the organized mom of a homeschooler and school-building schoolers who is organized and uses a planner to keep track of our family's days, weeks, and months. But I'm not. And I have a resource that helps wanna-be's like me, too.

A Planner is a Planner is a Planner,

except when it isn't only a Planner,


it's an all-in-one-household-homeschool-resource
disguised as a Planner!

Finding the right planner or calendar has been a wild goose chase for me. I have spent more than one afternoon driving from big bookstore to big office supply store, looking at nothing but planners and calendars. I haven't found a "just right" one yet.

I haven't found one made for me.

Until now.

The Schoolhouse Planner allows me to customize and personalize a planner made just for me!

The first half of the 614 page Schoolhouse Planner is homeschool resources, arranged by month, that includes recipes (including a dozen gluten free recipes), articles, facts, reference materials, hints, tips, & how-to's, advice from other homeschoolers. This section contains a wealth of information and idea-generation for me, and I will refer to it again and again, but none of that will go into my planner.

A Planner made for me has calendar pages, (obviously) but, I omit recipe pages
because I have another place for recipes.

My Planner has all of the household forms that I want
and none of the ones I don't want,and I can change my mind and add to my planner at any time.
My planner has homeschool forms, too.

My Planner is flexible and expandable, like those 3-ring binder pre-packaged types, but without the pre-packaged, take-it-or-leave-it package. I have an incredible list of options in designing my Planner. I am able to tell the print shop exactly what I want in a Planner made for me.

A Planner in an e-format is convenient, and I can type right on the form and print one or multiple copies at my convenience.

My Planner has forms
for tracking... maintenance
...home maintenance & repairs
...musical instrument practice (x3) Planning/Shopping
...goal and objective making (homeschool)
...daily planner pages
...weekly planner pages
...weekly schedule for three children pages
...some audio/video log pages
...a few field trip forms to begin with
...some pages for logging books read
...some craft log pages
(we use crafts to work on relationship development, and I'll be able to journal that in a unique way)
...extracurricular activities log pages
...memory work log pages
...Scripture memory log pages

Yes, I print my pages. Some folks operate from the straight from the computer screen. I haven't made that paperless leap yet.

Most helpful to me are the pages I'd call "non-planner pages" that are included in The Schoolhouse Planner. The homeschool related templates are a time saver for me. Nature journal pages, journal pages, book report pages, - I like being able to pull up my e-Planner and find one quickly, print it, and we're good to go. The reference sections are also helpful. No searching through the backs of cookbooks trying to find a measurement conversion sheet or a list of U.S. Presidents. I want to implement chore charts this school year (finally), and The Schoolhouse Planner gives me several from which to choose. There are a lot of forms (in pure wanna-be style) that I'd like to use that I've learned not to print until I actually begin using them.

Peek inside my Planner options package.

My Planner options package can be YOUR Planner options package: $39 e-book; $44 CD.

A 59 page sampler is here.

What's inside YOUR planner???

I am a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, and am an independent contractor with The Old Schoolhouse magazine. I received a free copy of the 2010 Schoolhouse Planner in exchange for writing this advertisement. This is not a review, but an entry in an ad-writing contest.

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