Thursday, August 19, 2010

Books in the mail

My snail mail mailbox was full today. (I'll pretend the electric bill wasn't there today.) Two books arrived. One, I bought. One is a review item. I didn't expect to see similarities. The topics, the subject matter is completely different.

I ordered (and paid for) "The Little Man In the Map Teaches the State Capitals!" from TOS store. It arrived today. (I reviewed "Little Man In the Map" almost two years ago.)

The review item that arrived is Vocobulary Cartoons.

Individuals who are on the autism spectrum tend to learn more easily with visual cues. Both books share that characteristic - they teach using a mnemonic device that includes visual cue (a sketch), that the student, hopefully, will reference in his or her mind, as a clue to recalling the information. The visualization component to reference mentally is creative and hopefully will begin to bridge a gap to another developmental step. ;) The other part of the mnemonic device that both books utilize is with word play. (I'm not sure how the word play will work with a child who tends to be very literal. We'll see.)

We don't start "formal" school for a few more weeks. Especially after what arrived today, I am excited about the possibilities! ;)


Tim @ Families Again said...

Hi Penny,

You've just been awarded the Sunshine Award - - Congratulations!


April E. @ ElCloud Homeschool said...

And you've been awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award, as well. :D I'm honoring those of you homeschooling with special needs in your family.

April E.

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