Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chrysler Stinks

Spring 2010: Our nine-year-old vehicle needed more work than that it was worth. We looked at all of our options, and chose to buy a new vehicle. The price difference between new and late-model used wasn't that much, especially when we compared the warranties. We went with a new Chrysler vehicle. I wanted to stick with an American-made vehicle.

Today, I think I made a mistake by thinking "American-made". I am unimpressed with Chrysler's customer service today - in a big way.

Monday, during the new vehicle's first routine oil change and check-up, the dealership found an oil leak. Hubby's right; finding any problems or potential problems is exactly what is supposed to happen during a routine check.

Problem: The dealership could not look at my vehicle for TWO days, today, and could not offer me a loaner until NEXT WEEK. I have plans next week that include my vehicle.

I took the car to the dealership this morning. Now I have ZERO transportation.

I called the dealership this afternoon (- they didn't call me with any update -) it's a leak in the oil pan gasket, and because it's a NEW van, Chrysler requires them to authorize that particular part for payment. The service department at the dealership was waiting for Chrysler to call to authorize the repair. The dealership could not order the replacement part until Chysler authorized it.

So, they make ME, the CUSTOMER, wait, during this Chrysler red tape.

I called Chrysler customer service to ask them to speed up the process, to ask if someone at Chrysler would call my dealership and authorize that part. Customer service informed me there is no such authorization process and no dealership had logged a call on behalf of my vehicle today. Additionally, the rep at the Chrysler customer support 800 number told me that the oil pan gasket is a part the dealership should have on site, a part that should not have to be ordered, a same-day repair.

Who is telling the truth here?

The dealership reported to me that they talked to technical support, not customer support, and they do indeed have to get authorization to repair this particular part on a van this new. Additionally, Chrysler instructed the dealership to put MY VAN through some cleaning and testing before repairing and returning it to me. I might get it back at the end of the day tomorrow on a repair that the Chrysler customer service rep said that should be same-day.

Instead of REPAIRING MY VAN IMMEDIATELY AND RETURNING IT TO ME, and testing this broken oil pan gasket part on some other company-owned test van, they WASTE MY TIME, using my van as their guinea pig, cleaning, testing, whatever, and provide me no loaner vehicle.

That is bull hockey.

I am irritated and frustrated. There is a disconnect at Chrysler where they leave the customer out in the cold, a disconnect among technical support, customer support, and the dealership, and the customer is the one who loses.

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