Monday, August 9, 2010

What Is My Mother Doing To Me?

I got a most precious item to review late last week. It's an autographed copy of "What Is My Mother Doing to Me? A Teenager's Journey To Recovered Health Through Biomedical Interventions", by Andrew Luke Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is an intelligent young man who does not have autism but who had enough challenges similar to autism that his mom embarked on biomedical intervention with Dr Jerry Kartzinel.

He's a homeschooler, too. ;)

Zimmerman tells us what biomedical intervention was like from his perspective. The book is self-published and is available on Amazon for just under $13.

I SEE from the outside the big differences in my daughter's behavior when we're on the right track biomedically. She can't tell me that she feels better, but I can see huge improvements in self-regulation, communication, overall coping and functioning. One day, I hope to hear from her perspective.

She's asking occasional questions about her diet and supps. Now I have a young person's perspective to share with her.

Zimmerman writes in a lighthearted-teenager-stream-of-consciousness style that has me smiling a lot while I read. I know now where he stands on music, on the POTUS, on B12 injections, on all sorts of topics. He gives nicknames to the real life characters in his story that crack me up. He describes ups and downs of the GFCF diet and biomedical treatment, explains understandings and misunderstandings as he walks us through his journey. He explains the "why bother" and "how to" from a young person's point of view, and as a side effect of sorts, reminds me that often sometimes I explain things in ways that are way over my kids' heads. He offers hints and tips to kids facing dietary changes, bloodwork, B12 injections, pill swallowing, etc.

He shares some of his labwork with readers, and the labwork of his brother. The befores and afters are impressive.

I want the sibs to read Zimmerman's book; perhaps they'll understand a little more. I believe that the book will generate questions from the kids that perhaps I've overlooked or over-described for them.

All in all, "What Is My Mother Doing To Me?" is a delightful read.

Andrew Luke Zimmerman's sweet mother sent me a complimentary copy of, "What Is My Mother Doing To Me? A Teenager's Journey To Recovered Health Through Biomedical Interventions" to review here. I am not compensated for reviews and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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