Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Won! Rudi's Gluten Free

Gluten Free Steve and Rudi's offered a giveaway in July, and I won!!!

Thank you Steve and thank you Rudi's!!!

We arrived home today from a trip to find my prize.

After 600+ miles on the road, we got a real treat!

Check it out: A sturdy tote bag, three loaves of bread, a t-shirt, a box to pack a sandwich in, a stack of Rudi's sticky notes, and a handful of coupons.

Eldest and I tasted the multi-grain bread. It reminds me of a specialty multi-grain wheat bread with cherries I used to buy (except the Rudi's doesn't have cherries, but the texture is similar).


Bekah and Corey said...

It's always fun to win! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Mmmmm...cherries! We’ll have to keep that in mind for future products! Sounds delicious!

Congratulations on winning our Rudi’s goodies from Gluten Free Steve’s contest, Penny! So glad you were welcomed home with a special treat!

-Paula Berg
On behalf of Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Penny said...

I've eaten two turkey sandwiches on the multigrain bread - delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gluten Free Steve said...

So glad you like it and you like the goodies they sent you! I didn't even get a t-shirt (jealous!)

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