Monday, August 9, 2010

Learning together

Last night, my children were batting a wiffleball around the back yard. And they sent one flying over the fence into the neighbor's yard.

Rather than wait for our elderly neighbor to notice and pitch it back over the fence (I'm sure she gets tired of that), my homeschooler and I walked around the block to retrieve it. I had planned a walk, alone. I need to start walking for exercising, and made a point to get in a walk yesterday. I intended to walk a little faster and a little longer, but it worked out. ;)

We saw a bunny rabbit - she pointed it out to me. We saw bird PooP on the sidewalk and looked up at the branch above where the bird must have been sitting. We set off a few dogs barking just by being on the sidewalk.

We took the long way home. At an intersection, my homeschooler read the two street signs: "StreetNameA Doctor. StreetNameB Doctor. " she said. She read the abbreviation, "Dr." for "Drive" as "doctor".

I had her attention, was able to explain that "Dr." before a person's name does mean "doctor" and "Dr." after a street name means something different. It means "Drive".

Little moments are BIG moments, AMAZING moments, are moments I took for granted until I watched a child regress into autism (following a chicken pox vaccine).

So, I didn't get the length of a walk I wanted. I didn't get the speed I wanted (probably couldn't have sustained the speed, anyway). But my girl and I got some good us-time in with our walk last night. ;) Love it!

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