Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today was the big TEST DAY at Learn-to-Skate. Eldest has been skating for not quite two months. Little Bit has been skating a year-and-a-half, taking private lessons until September, when I enrolled her in her first group class. THEY BOTH PASSED!!!!!!!!
I'm so proud of both of my girls! LOOK at how far Eldest has come in such a *short* time. And watch Little Bit handle her first group test without missing a beat! :)

Going backwards creates a lot of uncertainty for my girl. One OT told me that going backwards for a child who uses her vision to tell her where she is in space (as opposed to her proprioception) may feel as if she's backing into the Grand Canyon when you ask her to walk backwards on a strip of masking tape on the floor, on a balance beam, or on skates. Little Bit sometimes protests (loudly) when asked to skate backwards.

Coach (not her private coach) is testing my girl's ability to do something she does not like to do:

I have a bad head cold and getting the girls to the ice this morning was a bit of a chore because of my illness. I am soooooooo glad I took them. I didn't want to miss the accomplishments.

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walking said...

Way to go girls!!!!!! Thanks for shring!

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