Monday, October 11, 2010

Read, Write, & Type!, a TOS Crew Review

We love
Read, Write, & Type.

There. I said it.

Read, Write, & Type! (aka Talking Fingers) is a computer program designed to give a child experience in (you guessed it) reading, writing, and typing, simultaneously. It's one of those programs that I was curious about but would not buy because I was afraid it wouldn't be right for my girl. Now, I'm having second thoughts about hesitating a year ago.

And then, we received it as a review item. Like all new-to-us homeschool resource at my house, I had no expectations about this review item when it arrived . Homeschooling a child on the autism spectrum is sometimes a big unknown. Will this product or resource "click" and create learning opportunities? Or will it be too much too soon, too something, and create anxiety and resistance?

When I mentioned to our "autism" consultant that we were getting Read, Write, and Type! to review, she told me they use it in her office and she thought we would like it.

Little Bit kept complaining that the program was boring during her first lesson. She joined the computer program, though, following instructions, while complaining loudly. I let her keep her lesson short; she learned one letter.

Our next trip to the keyboard was longer, and with no complaining. In fact, Little Bit wanted to keep going, and all of her lessons have been longer than I expected.

I sometimes sit beside her during a lesson; sometimes I allow her independent time while I monitor from across the room. She is trying to match the correct hand and fingering positionings, and will occasionally ask me to show her exactly which finger the program is telling her to use for a particular letter or stroke.

I am impressed with Read, Write, and Type!. I like the way the lessons fit a pattern; my girl knows what to expect. There are fun variations and surprises within a comfortable theme, from lesson to lesson. I like the way letters are sounded out, I like how sometimes my girl must listen for beginning sounds, sometimes for middle vowel sounds, sometimes for ending sounds. I like the progression of the way sounds are taught and the way keyboarding is taught, I like the repetition and maintenance of past letters learned. I learned to type in high school with a lot of boring drills put to music ("J, J, J space. J, J, J space.") . Read, Write, and Type! is very game/play based, engaging, interactive. No boring drills.

I haven't figured out if we are able to go back and re-do a lesson that was challenging. I'd like to be able to do that but haven't found the option. I' understand we are able to go back but not skip lessons going forward.

Pricing begins at $35 for a 5-year home program single user, additional users and school options available, and both on-line and CD versions are available.

For more reviews of this product, go HERE.

I was given access to Read, Write, & Type for one student in order to review it for you. I am not paid for reviews and am not obligated to write a positive review.

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