Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Betty Crocker fix with a mix desserts

Allow me to introduce Betty Crocker's fix with a mix desserts, 100 sensational sweets made easy wih a mix, a cookbook that includes a chapter on using Betty Crocker's new line of GLUTEN FREE mixes.

I have always liked recipes that began with a mix, where you add ingredients and get something special. (I have a coconut cake recipe that people believe is from scratch, and it begins with a mix. That's one that I haven't succeeded in making gluten free -- yet -- although I have tried.)

I was disappointed to see that there are only SEVEN gluten free recipes in the bonus section of the cookbook; HOWEVER, as I scan the gluten-filled recipes, I see many opportunities to substitute a gluten-free mix. If you are a veteran at gluten-free baking, I suspect you'll see the opportunities, too.

My guess is that the gluten-free recipes are especially for someone who is new to GF baking, or for, perhaps someone completely unfamiliar with it, who is baking a sweet for a GF friend.

If you are baking casein (milk) free, nut free, egg free, or other allergen-free, you'll have to know how to make substitutions, because this particular cookbook does not offer those substitutions.

The photos in the cookbook are beautiful; the presentations of finished recipes are pretty, yet simple enough that I believe I can duplicate them at home. As I look at the cookbook for ideas I can use in GFCFSF baking, I see some neat desserts in the gluten-filled section that I can copy with substitutions for my GFCFSF girl. I love new ideas! I can't believe I'm going to type this, but here goes: the entire cookbook has helped me think outside the box. I'm so afraid to experiment with gluten-free mixes, afraid the experiment will be a gummy flop, that sometimes I don't try. Comparing the gluten-free recipes with the gluten-filled recipes is interesting - there are so many similarities - my confidence is growing and I'll be trying some substitutions.

Some recipes call for canned frosting, so if you're like me, avoiding soy and milk, you'll have to make a homemade frosting, which adds to the prep time, although icing is not difficult to make (and I prefer homemade over canned).

Priced at $19.95, the pages in this cookbook are spiral bound within a sturdy hardcover. It lies flat on my counter and the cookbook stays open to the recipe I'm using without my having to weight it down.

I am craving the pumpkin spice cupcakes right now. I think I have all of the ingredients for them, too.

Wiley sent me Betty Crocker fix with a mix desserts so that I could review it for my blog. I am not paid for reviews and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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