Monday, October 11, 2010

A "No Shush" Service

Spotted in a church building that also houses a fine arts and rec program for individuals with disabilities, a poster advertising Saturday night services for families w/ children who have developmental disabilities:


walking said...

Love it!!!!! :-)

Pamela got a little upset because she wanted communion. And, do you know what was cool? An elder came up to us later and said he thought it would be okay for her to have communion even though she had not been through catechism. Our church is too small for a special needs ministry, but having someone come to us meant a lot to me!

Pamela is working on her catechism. We're doing some, but not all of it.

Dani G said...

This is really so awesome. I love that this church is recognizing this need and I'm so glad you are able to take advantage of it!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish that existed here. My ASD boys would certainly enjoy it! This is my first visit to your blog, enjoying it. :D
~Jen B (from the homeschool blog yahoo group :)

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