Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another skating lesson

I hesitated to take the younger princess to her skating lesson today. She's had a rough week. We've been attending Vacation Bible School, and VBS is too much, too loud, too fast, too long for her. No wonder she says she hates it. She's been cranky and not herself, partly, I suspect, due to a loose tooth that is bothering her. However, I have witnessed her pull herself together on cranky, "off" days when she steps on the ice, and while I did not make her go to overwhelming VBS, I did take her to skate:

Figure skating feeds my princess's senses (not overwhelms them). Coach gives her processing time and allows her many opportunities to be an active participant. It's everything VBS is not, and on a day like today, is just what she needed.

1 comment:

Niffercoo said...

She's a great skater!! I'm glad that her lesson went well! :)

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