Monday, June 1, 2009

New-to-me Products

Individuals with fine motor issues (common in autism) often find the act of handwriting is easier with a pencil grip. I found brightly colored mechanical pencils with squishy grips at a local office supply chain:
A neighbor told me about La Tortilla Factory's gluten free wraps, made from teff and millet. A nearby Kroger sells them with the breads and wraps, across from the deli counter. Thumbs up! They taste just like a wheat wrap! :)


Heidi said...

Since our grips are always being removed from the pencils to serve as a fidget toy, having a permanent one is a great solution! I'll had to give these a try. Our only issue with mechanical pencils is we go through a lot of lead, breaking it from pressing too hard.


Penny said...

The lead in these particular pencils seems stronger than others we have tried. I have not broken a lead, yet, and I used one of the pencils to fill June, July and August events in the past few days (lots of baseball tourney info to write). I have been impressed -- and I do need to see what size lead these particular pencils hold, because it seems to be different from other mechanical pencils.

Nicole Aponte said...

Awesome! I did not know about these wraps! I usually buy brown rice tortillas at TraderJoe's but they sell out pretty fast.

I live closer to Kroger's than Trader Joe's. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole Aponte

Penny said...

Since WHEN does Trader Joe's have brown rice tortillas? I will have to look for them. What section are they located?

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