Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We got our little swimming pool up two nights ago, and it was filled and ready for swimming yesterday, but the water is so COLD that the kids don't want to get WET!

My sensory kid doesn't want the cold touching her at all! lol
We spent time at a nearby lakeside park earlier this week.


Wendy Hilton said...

Hi Penny,

My daughter with autism and sensory issues won't get in the pool at all this year. Since she can't stay in the house alone and it's too hot for her to sit by the pool while the rest of us swim, I haven't been able to swim at all. I really don't like letting my other two kids swim without me out there, either! Do you have any suggestions, or do you just let your child with sensory issues choose whether or not to get in?

Wendy Hilton--TOS Crew

Penny said...

A (my daughter w/ autism) likes to play in the pool. She's been in the pool multiple times a day since the water warmed up a little. (It's not a big pool, so it warms quickly!)

I would not force her to get into the pool if sensory issues were at play.

Have you experimented with epsom salts baths to see if they reduce her sensory sensitivities?

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