Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting Real About Autism

Sometimes, I like to share an article.

by Amy Lutz


Lisa said...

Fantastic article - thanks for the link! I can't tell you how frustrated I get with complete strangers (and some friends and family) looking at my son like he has two heads if he melts down or starts self-stimming in public. They look at me like I'm a liar and say, "but he can't be autistic - he just talked," when I try to nicely explain my son's behavior. I finally got a bumper sticker for my car that reads, "Does my autism make you uncomfortable? How do you think your stares make me feel?"

Penny said...

Some days, I wouldn't mind having a bumper sticker like that!

walking said...

Great article, but one paragraph leaves me hanging . . .

"There is one thing, however, which has been shown to dramatically improve the outlook for autistic children — early intervention. Some studies have shown that more than half of autistic preschoolers enrolled in early intervention programs are mainstreamed by kindergarten. Other studies have attributed significant increases in I.Q. and verbal skills to early intervention."

Big question: Does an increase in I.Q. and verbal skills equate to relationships, employment, and independence as adults?

If Amy had mentioned that, it would have REALLY upset the apple cart of autism.

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