Sunday, February 7, 2010

Allergen-free Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free
Casein Free
Egg Free
Soy Free
Chocolate Birthday Cake
made from scratch
with some leftover white icing in the middle
and "my" buttercream icing on the outside
So good...
...the husband said, "You could serve this to anybody!"
From Cybele Pascal's new cookbook.
I made one substitution.
I used corn starch in the GF flour blend. Pascal uses potato starch.
Two thumbs up from everyone in the family!
We think this is the best allergen free cake we've ever tasted!


Corey and Bekah said...

That looks absolutely divine! Let me know anytime you have a hankering to make an extra and ship it to Iowa! ;)

Jessica said...

Hi Penny, thanks for sending me the link to your blog, looking forward to trying lots of your recipes, especially this one!

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