Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you pack my bathing suit, yet?

We were preparing for a recent trip. A brief trip. A trip that involved a hotel pool.

My typically developing children pack for trips without my help.

My daughter with asd has been quite passive when it comes to packing, and I do everything for her. I never pushed her -- having her join me in the zoomed-out-big-picture process of packing would have involved a lot of prompting, and I didn't want to do that.

So, I was surprised when she asked me when I would pack. And she wanted to make sure that I know where her bathing suit is. And that I would pack it.

WOW. Mom might forget something important to me. What a discovery for her!

As we began packing, I was reminded that she's become more of an active participant, planning ahead, for her needs on a trip, which gave me an opportunity to involve her a little more in the big-picture process of packing. [Thanks, RDI(r).]


Chef Penny said...

I love it!!!!!

PaintCrazy said...

That's very cool Penny!

My ADHD son generally spends his time in pajama pants and nothing else. So it really amazes me that I can tell him to pack for an overnight trip and he will actually pack everything he needs and it will even match! He might forget underwear but if he knows there is a pool he will for sure remember his bathing suit!

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