Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Dictionary - the "My Princess" version

A short list

Flucous - rhymes with mucous. That's my homeschooled, figure skating princess's word for the flu.

Sneezles - rhymes with measles. That's her word for a bunch of uncontrollable sneezes in a row.

Germ hat - the head coverings worn by everyone in an operating room. "Mom, I want to see the germ hat you wore in the hospital when I was born." (She was disappointed to learn that I didn't get to keep my germ hat.)

And in the not-exactly-dictionary-material-but-cute-enough-to-share category...

The mom was pregnant in the TV show that we were watching; premature delivery was a reality. The word "incubator" was used. My princess looked at me and said, "But incubators are for chickens!" Now she knows that hospitals have them for babies who need them, too.

Her curiosity, comments and questions delight me.

I need to lose more than a few pounds. My princess has been telling me I need to exercise. Last night, when she told me that I need to exercise, I told her that she could walk around the block with me. She didn't like that idea; the cold temps here are not pleasant for outdoor exercise. "Why don't we drive around the block, instead?" she suggested. *lol*

Yesterday, she told me that she really liked that gf pizza and that pizza restaurant and asked when could we go back and eat there again?

Some of her creative problem solving cracks me up! She likes to sleep with the light on. Her lamp can be turned on and off with a light switch on the wall. She turned the lamp off at the lamp switch one night and told me she couldn't sleep in her room because her light was broken (the wall switch didn't "work" b/c she'd turned it off at the lamp). When I turned the lamp on, she was an actress, with fake surprise and thanks to me. I wish I'd have had a camera. ;)


Karen said...

I love these and may even "adopt" them. Especially "sneezles"! LOL! After my mom had her TIA she came up with some great words. My favorite was "jitzy". KInd of "antsy and jittery" combine.

Penny said...

I like "jitzy"!

My name is Erin. said...

Sweet stories, Penny and I do like her suggestion for driving around the block. Hahaha! Too cute.

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