Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Biomedical Ups and Downs

We (I, really -- because *I* am the researcher in the family, which has given me the position of "decision maker" by default) began biomedical treatment just over nine years ago. At the same time, we (*I*) implemented an ABA program and got my daughter involved in several opportunities (OT, early intervention, stuff like that).

I hit the ground running -- full speed ahead.

When the ABA program fell apart and, at the same time, I realized it wasn't getting us where it was supposed to, I was exhausted, and unsure of a direction. We (*I*) dove into RDI(r) with good results -- and I let a lot of the biomedical slide. It was more than I could do alone.

We (*I*) re-entered the world of biomedical again last year -- we've seen a lot of progress in my daughter since then. I like using labwork to help the doctor help us choose supplements. I hate guessing about supps.

I took my homeschooled princess off her supps last week to try to get a urine catch so we can see what supps she still needs. MAN OH MAN - I can see a big difference in her ability to self-regulate. My "Mommy Radar" (see my posts under the label of "learned helplessness") has increased and I find myself going into that mode where I must stay several steps ahead of her, thinking ahead for her, and me, too.

I'm amazed at what some vitamin and mineral supplementation, an essential fatty acid, and a couple of amino acids can do for her ability to self-regulate.

Off the supps, she's quicker to become upset, and I sense the slope to "fight or flight" is near. I find myself tiptoeing around her, figuratively, to try to maintain calm. I'm doing more of HER work FOR her.

I'm getting lessons in self-awareness, lessons about my girl, lessons about us together, in this short supplement vacation.


My name is Erin. said...

I wish I had access to doctors that knew more about this. I have so much on my plate as it is, that I find it difficult to do the necessary research for bio-meds. Abby isn't on anything and the only treatments we do are the therapies she gets at ECSE, which are great and she is doing great. But there are just a few things that she still really struggles with and this post hit me, in that I do a lot of thinking ahead for her and verbal coaching to help combat some of that fight or flight tendencies. She's been on State issued insurance, which won't do anything for her, because she "isn't sever enough". What kind of crap is that?! The good news is that I recently got a job with good insurance and will be making enough $ that we won't qualify for the State insurance anymore anyway. Hopefully we'll be able to get her some real assistance. Just because she's doing great doesn't mean she can't do better.

Good post, Penny.

Penny said...

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice -- it's a mom to mom perspective. We (*I*) started my daughter on Kirkman's Super NuThera when she was two -- a tiny dose, and I should have kept her on that (or NuThera, without the "super") and essential fatty acids throughout the time we (I) stopped biomed. Those two supps in particular seem to play a role in how she feels and regulates. Now, there are other companies that make multi-vitamins for kids on the autism spectrum, vitamins free of dyes and allergens, like Lee Silsby and Houston Neutraceuticals. When we (I) began 9 yrs ago, Kirkman Labs was THE option. Always consult w/ your pediatrician first.

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