Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Illness - the sore throat thing

I've taken my kids to the doctor for suspected strep throat so many times that I've lost count. We had a two-month period several years ago where my kids tested positive for strep again and again (two kids were on four different antibiotics in 10 weeks).

Lately (past year or two), they keep getting a "sore throat thing" (for lack of a more accurate term or description). The "sore throat thing" comes and goes.

A couple of years ago, the "sore throat thing" interfered with my daughter's progress. We'd see her inch forward, only to catch this "thing" again, and stand still. She'd become very dysregulated and frustrated with this "thing".

I made the decision to return to some serious (under the supervision of a DAN! doctor) biomedical treatment last year, and we've seen longer periods of wellness between bouts with the "sore throat thing".

The "sore throat thing" is visiting our house right now. The twins have it. One is worse than the other. A rapid strep test at the doctor's office yesterday was negative.

Let's hope we kick it's butt soon and send it packing.

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PaintCrazy said...

We went through this a couple of years ago. Three of us would get it every time but my daughter always seemed to get a free ticket to pass go. She was an usually healthy kid so we figured she just had a super strong immune system. Finally after about the 6th time the pediatrician tested her too even though she had NO symptoms. Sure enough, she was a carrier and had been spreading it to us repeatedly. They treated her with antibiotics and we've done pretty good with the no-strep for quite a while now.

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