Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogging About Developmental, Relationship Interventions

FYI: I have a long list of blogs that I follow - they're listed in the right-hand side bar of my blog. I like that list -- I look at it almost every day. The blogs that have been updated most recently always move to the top of the list -- that feature is so handy!

For folks who do not enjoy my side bar the way I do (*grin*), here's the list of bloggers (in no particular order) who chat about topics that are somehow related to RDI® or CP (Communicating Partners), some more than others, and most somewhat unofficially - they're blogging about their personal situation and not giving advice (the consultants' blogs are more "official", I'd guess).

I enjoy reading the perspective of parents who are RDIing and CPing too - sometimes they help me wrap my mind around a concept or objective in a new way.

Here's the list I gathered: (Connections Center) (consultant) (CIT) (consultant) (CIT) (Jennifer Dyer's posts) (consultant) (consultants)

# # #

And a wonderful Communicating Partners parent blog:

If you know of others, please tell me,

so that I may add them to my list.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow, penny, what a wonderful list of resources! i'm cutting and pasting to my own blog for information, community, and inspiration! and i'm honored to be included. : )

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