Monday, September 6, 2010

Clothing for Pre-Teen Girls - What a Challenge!!!

Question for moms of pre-teen girls:

My preteen homeschooler is too long-waisted for clothing in childrens sizes. Shirts in childrens sizes are just too short! Adult size shirts are often too big in the shoulders for her and too low cut in the front. I'm having challenges finding pants for her, too. She's outgrown Gymboree leggings. She won't wear pants that button at the waist and zip. What brands are built for "in-betweens"??? Anyone? Anyone? I need help! (They need to be 80% cotton, minimum cotton content).


Erin said...

Hi Penny,
I don't have a preteen girl, but I do have one with sensory preferences (she doesn't like "hard pants", or jeans). Sot Clothing has a great line of clothes for kids with SPD. You can check them out here:

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves Justice for girls. It's a store for tween girls.

PaintCrazy said...

It's not going to be easy....look in the junior department. The yoga style pants seem to be popular and are also pretty comfy. Tops are going to be tricky since modesty doesn't seem to be a player in fashion any more. I celebrated this weekend when my 12 almost 13 year old found it too cold to wear shorts and a cammie and was forced to wear jeans and a hoodie. We are lucky that has homeschoolers we have less peer pressure on the clothing issue on a daily basis but they still get out enough that it's hard to dress them completely different than public school kids...they do notice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny...ModBod Clothing has shirts and tanks for girls and women that are "higher neckline, extra length." I bought a few of their tanks from Costco a while back for myself and they are super soft and tagless. You can check their sizing chart to see if the girls size YM or women's size XS will work for your girl.

My daughter is only 5 yrs old and while she isn't "long-waisted" she does have a tummy so I'm always looking for longer tops to give more coverage. The camis and tanks by ModBod would be good to layer with and wear underneath any other tops that are too low in the front.

~ Michelle

Papa Bear said...

13 yos with autism and sensory issues likes T-shirts and shorts in summer, sweats and hoodies in winter. We look for elastic waistbands , because he struggles with zippers, snaps, and buttons, and forget drawstrings! He will wear cotton if it's soft, but prefers stretchy, silky fabrics like spandex. The ones so smooth, they almost feel wet. (They creep me out. My sensory sensitivities are pretty much the opposite of his. But I let him choose, knowing how it feels to wear an unbearable texture that someone else likes!) For him, comfort always trumps fashion. As long as he's decently covered, and not too tight in the wrong places, I don't object.

Jennifer said...

Long tank tops have been a big help for my oldest daughter.

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