Saturday, September 11, 2010

Growing up - HELP!

I got a call from a friend tonight - She's scrambling - HELP! - Here's the challenge: Preteen, non-speaking daughter on the "involved" end of the autism spectrum started her period yesterday, won't wear pads. Are there moms of girls who are reading who can offer help and advice and tips?

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Penny said...

I spoke to one friend who is the mom of a 17 year old girl with Down Syndrome. The mom says the bottom line is to reinforce, "You have to stay clean, and this pad is how to stay clean." She says to emphasize, "This is OKAY. You're OKAY. This bleeding is OKAY, and when you're bleeding, it's your period, and you have to stay clean."

Keep it simple. Show her, do it with her, side by side, put red food coloring on a pad and do it with her.

Put a pad on a doll, too.

Above all, keep it simple.

Good advice.

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