Monday, September 20, 2010

"You're Going to Love This Kid!" second edition, by Paula Kluth

One of my absolute favorite people in the autism world of professionals is Paula Kluth. I purchased the first edition of "You're Going to Love This Kid! Teaching Students With Autism in the Inclusive Classroom" when my daughter was first included in a kindergarten classroom, loaned the book to the teacher, and never got it back. ;)

Kluth is one of a few angels who can convince me that, yes, I can, teach my daughter who happens to be on the autism spectrum, and Kluth has the creativity and experience to show me many different ways to think about working with a child on the autism spectrum (or other developmental challenge) and she gives me ideas and strategies that don't require an advanced degree, don't require a lot of expensive equipment, and that I am able to accomplish.

I got a surprise in the mail : it's the SECOND edition of "You're Going to Love This Kid!"! ($29.95) This book came from Kluth's intimidting (and ultimately successful) introduction to autism and a student on the autism spectrum early in her teaching career. Of course the only other thing I remember about the first edition that I never got back was that it was smaller. The second edition is bigger in size, which makes it easier to photocopy the charts inside.

Kluth's books are the ones we parents buy in bulk to hand out to Sunday School teachers, community ed teachers, co-op leaders, school-building-school staff members, and anyone involved in teaching or coaching our children who happen to be on the autism spectrum.

The subtitle bugs me - like so many wonderful books about teaching children with learning challenges, the title suggests the information is for school-building classrooms. Nothing could be further from the truth. I tend to find that a lot of homeschoolers of special needs learners don't even know about Paula Kluth. What a shame, because Kluth's wisdom works for the homeschool setting, too. I hope the subtitle doesn't discourage homeschoolers from checking out this book.

"You're Going to Love This Kid!" is packed to overflowing with tested and proven wisdom, insight, perspective, tips, hints, how-to; it is a must-have for every parent, teacher, Sunday School teacher, homeschool co-op leader. If you've ever interacted with child with autism in a learning environment, you'll relate to Kluth's experience, and you'll put some new tools and strategies in your toolbox.

Brookes Publishing sent me a review copy of "You're Going To Love This Kid" at no charge. I received no monetary compensation for this review and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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