Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week in Review; Sept 13-17, 2010

We added a private skating lesson and private art therapy to the schedule this week. (Saturday, both of my girls took their first-ever group figure skating class.)

Music therapy was on. The rec therapist was sick and jump rope class was rained out. (Note to self: Have some rainy day activities planned for those times...)

I don't know if we did a lot less this week or if I can't remember a lot of what we did! Seems like we did more life skills this week as I look back on it.

We read, "Astro the Steller Sea Lion", together.

I printed some calendar pages from the 2010 Schoolhouse Planner and my homeschooler and I did a little planning. (Life skills)

I found and printed a list of chores and electronic-free activities to do when the child say, "I'm bored" or "I have nothing to do" from an e-book. My homeschooler still relies heavily on my finding something for her to do during "down time", and she often rejects my ideas in protest. This list is meant to be cut apart, with the pieces being stored in a jar, so the child can draw one from the jar during down time. We began to talk about the items on the list, to spotlight things she can do during down time. This concept may take some time and practice - I'm glad I found the list and began reading it with my girl to allow her some processing and thinking time.

We grocery shopped and started supper together.

Because the rec therapist called in sick, we had more time one day to run errands and get stuff done. We ran errands, including returning some too-small mail-order leggings to the mall. We began looking at gift ideas for people for Christmas. (perspective taking)

We learned a new vocabulary word in Vocabulary Cartoons. I'd like to aim at one or two new words a week. I prefer to hand pick the words instead of using the pages of the book in order; I look for words we can sneak into conversation and use in context during the week.

We took another field trip to the park/farm. The park is good for getting wiggles out and providing gross motor input and experience. Our time spent with the animals is much longer than in the past, where we're watching the animals more, observing them in a new way, a way that is much deeper than simply walking through and seeing the animal long enough to identify it.

We took a day trip across the state to see our "autism" consultant for an update and planning. One of my assignments was to take all of my current homeschool materials with me so that the consultant could guide me in "good enough" (as opposed to "not enough" or "too much") in terms of quantity and developmental appropriateness. I have a good start, I think.


Just an Average American Mom said...

Stopping by from the blog walk.

Sounds like a great week.

Looking forward to reading more and am now following.

Have a great day.

Just an Average American Mom said...

Too Funny....My word verification was UNDUMB.

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