Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun New Card Game From Hallmark

In the category I sometimes refer to as "passing along a resource" (which means that this is not an item that I was given to review for you), Li'l Bit and I were introduced to a new card game that I want to share with you. Who knew that Hallmark stores carry games for families? Don't Break The Chain is a memory game of 100 cards. Each card has an action written on it that involves something to say or something to do. Examples: Wag your tail. Salute. Say, "oopsie daisy". Players have to remember the actions in the chain and add a new link to the chain. Li'l Bit quickly showed us that she is a champion at this. I needed a lot of help.

The age range according to the box is 6+ and the game is for 2-8 players. (Yeah! I love when I find a game that is not for just two or four players!)

Perhaps non-verbal children could play this game if all of the cards that require speaking a phrase were removed.

If you're looking for a game for a wide range of ages and abilities to play together, this is one to consider. It's a wonderful game for practice in relationship development. Children get experience with not only memory skills and motor planning, but turn-taking, anticipation, imitation, and co-regulation. This one rates high on my RDI-able and CP-ing scale. I suppose it rates high on our "autism" consultant's RDI-able scale, too; she is the one who introduced us to it. :)

Hallmark has it for $12.95 - a bit pricey for a card game - and if you have a child on the autism spectrum who is challenged by motor planning or speaking, perhaps you could make your own game on index cards using simple actions that you know that your child is able to perform.

RDI(r) = Relationship Development Intervention
CP = Communicating Partners

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