Monday, March 21, 2011

Mamamorphosis: The Latest Music from the Swingset Mamas

I love music. I wish I were a better musician. Piano was difficult for me; handbells at church a slightly better fit. I really enjoy listening to music; I tried to expose my children to lots of music; and I still use song to teach (or remind) them.

I like songs made for children that are fun and catchy and that introduce concepts or teach something at the same time. Swingset Mamas do just that. Marlowe Bechmann and Lizzie Swan are both musicians, and more importantly, are both mothers who have combined music and fun and learning and taken all that to the studio and stage for children everywhere.

Mamamorphosis ($14.00) is the newest CD from Swingset Mamas, a lively and entertaining mix of musical genres and styles that cover "universal themes ranging from ability awareness, self esteem, water safety, animal science, counting, telling time, good-time dance parties, rock-star dreams, magical hamsters and more....."

The Mamas bring children into the music with them; the songs are interactive, that feature children on the tracks (which increases the attractiveness for my kids), that are engaging. They introduce vocabulary (science, in particular, on this CD) and concepts and traditions (Hanukkah) and teach us about perspective taking.

My favorite song on the CD is the one about Ralph & Rosie & metamorphosis; my favorite message is, "Take A Walk In Someone Else's Shoes". (One of Bechmann's children is on the autism spectrum.) And I've heard several songs about crossing the street safely as my children were young, but do not recall one about water safety until hearing the one on the Mamamorphosis CD.

In my experience over the years as a Mom, there are bands that make kid music that are fun for everyone, and at the other end of the spectrum, bands that make kid music that are barely tolerable for mom; there are kid songs that annoy Mom (like fingernails across a chalkboard) and kid songs that that are for Mom, too. Mamamorphosis, written by moms, is fun for moms, too!!! I have to think that Lizzie and Marlowe heard enough grating kids music to want to create some good stuff for us moms to enjoy while we are with our children! ;)

They use a variety of instruments, too, and each song has a different sound (I don't like the CDs where all the music sounds the same, which is very hard on this mom's ears).

I suspect that moms everywhere will like the way that the Swingset Mamas pack a lot of learning into the fun tunes. This one is great for long trips or short rides in the car; would make a gift for a little one; or a fun gift to a pre-school or co-op.

I wish I'd had all of the Swingset Mamas CDs when my children were little.

Head over to the Swingset Mamas web site and listen to some song samples here. You can watch a Swingset Mamas video at their web site, too.

Disclaimer: Swingset Mamas gave me a copy of Mamamorphosis to enjoy at home and review. I am not paid for reviews and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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