Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad Apps for People w/ Disabilities

I don't own an iPad.
Or an iPod Touch.
Or an iPhone.

Maybe someone will come up with a grant or scholarship for iPads for verbal kids with autism who would still struggle with communication and would benefit from having one. (HollyRod provides them for non-verbal kids.)

I got an e-mail the other day that is worth sharing; the e-mail contains a link to a Google spreadsheet of Apps available for iProducts.
Go HERE to view the spreadsheet.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Penny-
Thanks for posting this--we bought an ipad for our family because our son is on the spectrum and we had heard that this is a great product for kids on the spectrum. Our son is verbal, and "sort of" high functioning. We have been looking for free or nearly free apps to help him and have been a little disappointed--it seems that most of the apps are PECS based and (non-verbal) communication based and do not meet our needs at this tine. That being said, my husband is awesome at finding podcasts and YouTube videos that engage his interests, and even things he doesn't think he he interested in. This is a great educational tool for our son for the things he is missing out in school because of his "services". Our school is finally working with us to help him stay current with the parts of his academic life that he is Fondly,
PS-I am a member of the Autism Michigan group and will miss your wisdom, but I will continue to read your blog. I admire your mission re: your daughter, and have taken your journey to my heart in trying to help my son. Best wishes to you and your family on your new adventure.

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