Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tortillas and Kosher-for-Passover Chocolate Chips

This morning's grocery store finds
I could study the Kosher for Passover section for a couple of days.


Dani G said...

Remember: Kosher for Passover items are not much different than regular ol' Kosher stuff. Kashrut (kosher law) is, in it's most basic form, a separation of milk and meat products. So, there are many, many items that you'd think would have dairy but doesn't. There are 3 categories: meat, dairy, and parve (sometimes spelled pareve). Parve means that it can be mixed with either meat or dairy. So, all year round, you can look for things like chocolate chips or margarines that say K (for kosher) and they'll either say "parve" or just have a P next to the K symbol.
Passover law requires that there be no yeast or leavening products ingested. SO, there are many items that are Gluten Free, too!! Hiller's is great for that kind of stuff. I always stock up!!

Rachel said...

And (I know that Penny already knows this), but Kosher Passover items do NOT contain corn (or corn syrup), which is helpful to know if you have a corn allergy in your family!

Cristi said...

Some of Lauren's doctors are suggesting milk-free and soy-free, and I keep thinking that they better decide before Passover season has passed. I may stock up on some soy-free goodies, just in case.

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